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The sixtieth Birthday celebrations of Sri Rajah F. S. R. K.

Ranga Rao Bahadur, the Ex-Zamlndar of Bobbili, Vizianagaram

District, culminated In founding a Degree College in 1962 IE

It was an Infant college in 1966 67 when this research

project originated IB a strange manner.

One day In October, 1966 Sri Vavilala Sabba Rao and a few

other colleagues went on a walk towards Chimpi Konda four

Kilometres away. At the foothill we found Raja Cheravu Vaksa,

a tribal village inhabited by the Gadabas. We received a warm


This first experience soon developed Into a sort of friend-

ship. The Gadabas Invited us to their village with warmth and

affection. We attended a tribal wedding. We participated in the

celebration of the festivals of Mother Desl and Goddess Konda

Jakara. They used to give us tea, Cashew, fruits, etc., whenever

we visited them.

The rapport so established was given an institutional form

when the College Planning Forum launched constructive activities

in the village. Faculty members Sri K. Sreerama Murthy, Sri S,

Vinayabhushan, Sri A. Chandramouil, and under-graduates such

as Sri S. H. Gopalakrishna, Sri G. Satyanarayana, and Sri R.

Jagannadham Naldu who later became lecturers In the College,

participated with zeal and enthusiasm. Sri G. Subbl Reddy, the

%en Principal and Sri C. V. Sitharamaswamy of the Management

gave unstinting support and encouragement.

The acti\ities of the Planning Forum gave a new dimension

to our i nter-action.

Firstly, the Gadaba tribals* expectations were roused. They

wanted a Drinking, Water Well. The Planning Forum used it?